Monday, October 18, 2004

This is probably the one millionth blog to comment on this (or read it here), but why not?

I feel for Jon Stewart, I really do. He looked tired of plugging of his book, which is maybe why he didn't. And not only is it sad that, all together now, a fake news show has more spine than most other news shows, but also that Tucker Carlson -- who, even if you disagree with his politics, ought to present himself as at least somewhat learned -- doesn't seem to know the meaning of the word "satire." I really hope this doesn't start a Stewart backlash; someone who actually shows some nerve in American mainstream media deserves better.

Also, Carlson had this to say in an AP story from today.

Carlson noted that many of the great comedians kept their political opinions to themselves, not for fear of offending anyone, but because it could hurt their art.
``You're selling out,'' he said. ``If you are a satirist or an acute social observer, and he is, and all of a sudden you suspend disbelief on someone or suck up rather than prod or poke someone, people will look at you and say, `Even if I agree with you, I don't like it,''' he said.

Think he'd say the same thing about Dennis Miller?


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