Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Perfect Pop

(Okay, so I lied. One more.)

7. "Wait Till Next Year," Rick Nelson
I love the album cover. That's partially why I bought it at a flea market a year or so ago. Well, that and it contains four songs written by UTR favorite Randy Newman. This song is the only one of four I've never heard before, the only one Newman hasn't recorded, to my knowledge (not yet, anyway). A forgotten gem. A very '30s-style piano. Already Newman is able to very briskly sketch a uniquely flawed character -- here, a n'er-do-well not only well aware of it but, as is apparent by the end, all too willing to cultivate the appearance.
An interesting album, overall. Also has songs by Paul Simon, Harry Nilsson and Richie Havens. An odd space for Rick Nelson's career, after "Travelin' Man," before "Garden Party."

The lyrics.


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