Thursday, July 20, 2006

Picked this up from Maura. Here's a hypothetical CD of my best of 2006 so far.

1. "Lloyd, I'm Ready To Be Heartbroken," Camera Obscura
2. "Quit That Scene," Tommy Keene
3. "Doctor Monroe," Casey Dienel
4. "Running the World," Jarvis Cocker
5. "Cruel Storm," Espers
6. "Marie," Allison Moorer
7. "Circus Time," Euros Childs
8. "Ann the Word," Beauty Pill
9. "You Are What You Love," Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins
10. "Nothing to Do But Dream," Jolie Holland
11. "If You Didn't Love Me," Cordalene
12. "Over My Head," Ray Davies
13. "Star Witness," Neko Case
14. "Pink Steam," Sonic Youth
15. "Death Culture Blues," Quasi

(I linked to the Beauty Pill track because a) it is only available on MySpace at the moment, and b) right now I just cannot get enough of this song.)

Post your CD too, if you like.

Update: Since he kindly linked to this on his blog, I should mention that Matos started this meme.


Blogger Greycats said...

I mixed it up on my blog and posted my favorite movies and singles.


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