Sunday, December 17, 2006

Well, this evening I scored one of those fabled once-in-a-lifetime bargains from Tower Records' last stand. I picked up one of my collection's last few missing pieces of Pulp music. The import copy (as we all know, nothing Jarvis Cocker puts out gets a U.S. release anymore --it's like a law or something) cost a mere $7.26, easily the lowest amount I've ever paid for an import full-length. I'm pretty sure it was the only copy in the store.

I was also amused to hear some Beatles best-of playing over the sound system; not only were the songs fairly appropos to Tower's decline and fall ("Help!," "Yesterday," "We Can Work it Out," ah, if only), but it was truly odd to hear very famous music in a record store and not be able to buy that music there, if you were so inclined.

ITEM! Anchor Steam's Christmas Ale really is something. Try and drink it sometime!


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