Monday, March 21, 2005

Perfect Pop

9. "Every Day I Have to Cry," Dusty Springfield (1964)
Part of my continuing search to round up ridiculously chipper tunes that mope about like no one's business. This version of an Arthur Alexander song opens with what could be a marching band rally, for crying out loud.

10. "Ramon Finds Waterfalls," Cotton Mather (2001)
The blighted world of power pop got just a little more pathetic when this Austin, TX band utterly vanished. (Here is a woefully out-of-date fan site.) This song is, basically, the White Album meets power-ballad meets total, colossal mindfuck. On their 2001 The Big Picture, it's followed by "Waterfalls" (time warped tape loops) and "Running Coyote Advances," an improbably titled, short shot of piano calm. To be frank, all three deserves to be heard as one piece; I mention this because I hope tonight to start making a tape of all the Perfect Pop entries. (Why a tape? 'Cause some of this stuff have on vinyl and cassette, and I expect I'll have to technology to burn them... never.)


Blogger Greycats said...

give it up to the Dusty.

np:Sabbath Bloody Sabbath

11:22 PM  
Anonymous Bob said...

Re: Hey Ya!, I think it works even/especially with the mid-song change because he's so convinced that no one of his generation can be faithful that he gives up appealing to his listeners and then puts on the Shake It persona to hide his disappointment in us.

I think "I'll Cry Instead" off A Hard Day's Night rates discussion as a high-quality entry in the up-tempo melody vs. sad lyrics genre.

Poor Cotton Mather. I'm going to have to listen Kontiki when I get home now. Good old Aurora Bori Alice, best song about a guy hopelessly in love with an astronomer ever written.

2:06 PM  

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