Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Ten Best

One of the most egregious omissions from the favorite-albums list below is Roxy Music. In my defense, it’s very, very difficult to choose which of their albums is my favorite. The spooked experiments of For Your Pleasure? The heartbroken funk-pop of Siren? The epic, jaded songcraft of Stranded? You get the picture. In lieu, please accept this list of Roxy’s best songs. I am disinclined this morning from commenting further.

1. “Mother of Pearl
2. “Remake/Remodel”
3. “Love is the Drug”
4. “More Than This”
5. “The Bogus Man”
6. “For Your Pleasure”
7. “Street Life”
8. “Virginia Plain
9. “Same Old Scene”
10. “Out of the Blue”


Blogger frankenslade said...

I would need to add "Amazona" and "Virginia Plain" on my list, probably in place of 2 of those mid-period songs, but good choices!

10:54 PM  

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