Wednesday, November 15, 2006

My New Favorite Song

The theme to Crazy Like a Fox.

Crazy Like a Fox (1984-1986) was an hour-long show about a wacky private eye (Jack Warden) and his button-down, conservative son (John Rubinstein). Growing up, I was into this show for a little while, though not the whole run. What I remembered most was a vague inkling of the theme show being awesome in the rousing way that themes for humorous, frivolous hour-long shows from the '80s about crime-fighting/mystery-solving often are.

Finally, thanks to this site, I found the song and realized a) the theme song in my head was something different, maybe Scarecrow and Mrs. King or something and b) the actual Crazy Like a Fox theme is even greater than I initially believed. If you'd like a mental picture while playing this song, make sure you imagine Jack Warden and John Rubinstein running a lot.

My continuing interest in this song resulted from my conviction that these kinds of shows need to make a comeback to balance out the many furrowed-brow crime dramas (24, all the Law and Orders, all the CSIs, and no, smart guy, The Wire doesn't count). Bob (i.e., "Bob" of this blog's comments section) and I have just the show in mind: A show about crime-fighting magicians starring Ricky Jay and (in lieu of a time machine that we could use to procure the young, pre-Night Court Harry Anderson) Will Arnett.


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