Thursday, November 16, 2006

Important Update!

The mystery TV theme has been identified: It belonged to Buffalo Bill (1983-1984) starring Dabney Coleman, Geena Davis and Max Wright. The song sounds like this.

The show was about a conceited talk show host, played by Coleman. I suspect that if you combined this character and Dave Thomas' Bill Needle from SCTV, you'd get something awfully close to Bill O'Reilly.

In other news, I have a boxed set review here.


Blogger frankenslade said...

That theme song sounds like a cross between a local news intro them (eg, Action News) and the intro to Saturday Night Live. Definite white, ponytailed sax player in that mix!

I actually remember that show, and I remember it being not bad.

10:46 AM  
Anonymous Bob said...

I actually hear the local news theme sound in the Crazy Like A Fox theme as well - local news theme crossed with music from an 80s sports bloopers show crossed with John Barry's "007" from From Russia With Love.

Now I'm sort of tempted to listen to multiple 80s TV themes to see how pervasive the local news horn section vibe was.

A correction on the post below this: they wouldn't be crime fighting magicians. They would be petty criminal magicians let out of jail to help two federal agents track down and capture a master thief magician, who may or may not have stolen The Statue of Liberty during a nationally televised magic show. I'm still not set on the Statue of Liberty detail.

1:04 PM  

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